Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Pictures of our Christmas for our families:

He was cool with Santa until it was time to sit on his lap….maybe next year!

Waiting on the steps before opening presents.  Yes, we know we need to work on his "cheese" face.

So excited!!!  He has named him "Speed".

Thank you Auntie Caitlan!!!

Spoiled with a stuffed stocking.  He called every present that came out of here "sock".

Love momma!

Love dadda!  So excited to play football.

Sorry bud, you get the coal by default, plus you were plenty "naughty" this year!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Duct Taping the Bishop

Again, this is for those who asked for pictures.  We recently had a primary activity that the kids have been preparing for, for months.  We have been working on the articles of faith this year and as an incentive we told the kids for every article of faith that they memorized they would receive a piece of tape to help duct tape our Bishop to the wall at our activity.  The kids really impressed me with all they learned and had so much fun taping the Bishop up real well!

The kids putting on the finishing touches.

Our primary with the Bishop.

Ami and I with the Bishop.

Rick was the nice one who cut the Bishop out while we gave the kids their treat.  Our Bishop was a great sport and it turned out to be such a fun activity!

Happy Birthday Rick!

Rick turned 32 this year!  We had a fun little celebration at home.  Ethan helped pick out the sprinkles (after dumping the first bottle out in the middle of wal-mart) and loved blowing out the candles with daddy.  Rick's favorite gift came a few days later.  He received the new Call of Duty xbox game and has been playing quite a bit lately.

Ethan wanted to join in the fun.  Here he is with daddy's controller and headset.

Looks just like a miniature Rick!  Happy Birthday Sweetie!